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Professor Paul Palmer, Professor of Voluntary Sector Management, The Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the expectations of the Charity Commission of trustees in delivering high quality financial governance for their charity
  • Examining our approach to charities living their values and how this is informing our approach and regulation with reference to the Commission’s reports on Garden Bridge Trust and Oxfam
  • Discussing the next steps for improved financial sustainability across the sector
  • Our expectations of auditors and independent examiners and their contribution to effective charity financial governance
  • Exploring how financial malpractice and non-compliance is monitored and investigated by the Charity Commission

Nigel Davies, Head of Accountancy Services, Charity Commission (CONFIRMED)

  • Understanding the core risks facing charities within the wider financial landscape
  • Identifying and managing financial risks across a charity’s financial operations
  • Exploring new approaches to managing income risk and issues to consider when diversifying income
  • Examining the characteristics of a financially resilient charity

Helena Wilkinson, Partner, Price Bailey LLP and Vice-Chair, Institute for Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW) Charity Professionals Community (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the outcomes of the Civil Society Strategy and the next steps in supporting financial sustainability for charities
  • Partnering with the Charity Commission and UK Community Foundations to release £20 million from inactive trusts to support community organisations
  • Unlocking new models of finance and improving access to social impact investment to support community funding
  • Improving financial management across the sector to enhance the power of voluntary organisations to drive social outcomes
  • Examining the future of the funding environment and assessing how new approaches to enterprise and income diversification can support the growth of smaller charities

Claire Dove OBE, Crown Representative of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE), Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the insights and outcomes of the new independent report from the Charity Tax Commission into the future of charity taxation
  • Assessing how Gift Aid could be reformed to expand awareness, increase prospective income and streamline administrative processes
  • Examining new proposals from the Commission including a Universal Gift Aid Declaration Database (UGADD), simplified VAT rules and expanded ‘payroll giving’
  • Analysing how transparency can be improved around charity taxation and tax relief income to enhance public trust
  • Looking towards the future challenges and opportunities for charities through the tax system

Paul Winyard, Secretariat to the Charity Tax Commission and Senior Policy Officer – Funding and Finance, NCVO (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the key characteristics of high-quality fundraising which meets the expectations of The Code of Fundraising Practice
  • Assessing common complaints and examples of malpractice and how charities can avoid these challenges
  • Examining the next steps in supporting public trust and confidence within voluntary sector fundraising
  • Discussing compliance in line with the fundraising requirements in the 2016 Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act

Gerald Oppenheim, Chief Executive, Fundraising Regulator (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the future of financial sustainability and how charities can successfully manage risk through effective business planning
  • Assessing how charities can improve financial capabilities and controls to support sustainable financial management
  • Adopting new opportunities for diversifying income streams and spreading risk
  • Examining the future challenges to financial sustainability and the role of outstanding financial leadership in enhancing financial resilience

Martin Halliwell, Chief Finance Officer, British Red Cross (CONFIRMED)
Wojtek Trzcinski, Director of Finance and Resources, Muscular Dystrophy UK (CONFIRMED)
Rita Akushie, Chief Financial Officer, Cancer Research UK (invited)
Fiona Kindness, Chief Financial Officer, Fairtrade Foundation (invited)
Liz Bushell, Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, Arts Council England (invited)

  • Explore how your charity can better support enhanced analysis of overheads and cost models when delivering services
  • Analyse the key steps in ensuring full cost recovery through effective costing and pricing when engaging with funders
  • Assess how to successfully report indirect costs in line with the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP)
  • Gain insights into utilising cost recovery to ensure overheads are recovered in all activities and to support sustainable income growth

Mark Salway, Director of Sustainable Finance, The Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School (CONFIRMED)

  • Developing fraud awareness across a charity to prevent malpractice and enhance detection of fraudulent activity
  • Exploring Macmillan’s Counter Fraud Resolution Strategy with the delivery of a direct investigation process
  • Assessing how Macmillan adopted a police referral process and pursued civil action through the County Courts to deter fraud
  • Sharing insights on a Private Prosecution Initiative designed to recover lost or misdirected income

Bob Browell, Counter Fraud Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support (CONFIRMED)

  • Transforming the charity’s fundraising strategy with a move away from inefficient activities, such as street fundraising, to optimise return on investments in core operations
  • Building value for money into project design through the delivery of unit and activity cost processes, allowing clear efficiency comparisons across all programmes
  • Enhancing long term procurement planning and mapping resources for projects to reduce order costs and improve contractual arrangements
  • Sharing the outcomes of the efficiency transformation with 91% of donations received being spent directly on charity work

Paul Ward, Chief Operating Officer, Mind (invited)
Philip Dunn, Executive Director of Finance & Operations, Alzheimer's Research UK (invited)

  • Examining the need for charities to invest, to succeed beyond compliance
  • Discussing examples of good accounting practice and why it matters
  • Understanding what good tax practice looks like and how it pays off long term
  • How to develop and leverage effective relationships with professional tax advisors

Richard Bray, Finance Regulatory & Taxes Manager, Cancer Research UK (CONFIRMED)

*Programme subject to change

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